Why You Should Become a Wildfire Partner

The Fourmile Canyon Fire Findings concluded that…


“the responsibility for reducing vulnerability to wildfire rests with the homeowner”


“fire disasters cannot be prevented without homeowners actively creating and maintaining Home Ignition Zones (HIZ) with low home ignition potential.”


Wildfire Partners will help you create and maintain defensible space with low home ignition potential by offering the following benefits:


An individual, on-site, wildfire home assessment with a Wildfire Mitigation Specialist – You will interact one-on-one with your specialist to learn about proper mitigation. The assessment, valued at $250, will be provided at a charge of $75 for the 2016 season and is estimated to take two to four hours to complete.

A customized report that identifies the weak links in your home’s defenses – The report will specify precisely what actions you need to take to reduce your vulnerability to wildfire. The report will include pictures of vulnerabilities on your property that need to be mitigated.

A significant monetary award for hiring a forestry contractor to complete defensible-space work – Most Wildfire Partners Awards will be between $500 and $2,000. Need-based participants may receive more.

The amount of each individual award will vary and will NOT be determined until after you receive your individual home assessment and after you solicit bids and select your contractor. Unlike 2014, Wildfire Partners Awards in 2015 will be paid directly to a Wildfire Partners Forestry Contractor. They will not be given to the homeowner. Every participant who hires a contractor to perform defensible-space work will pay for a portion of this work and Wildfire Partners will pay for the other portion. Wildfire Partners Awards are calculated for all participants based on a common formula using information obtained from the contractor’s bid the participants select, the individual home assessment, this application, county records, and any application for need-based financial assistance. In 2014, Wildfire Partners Rebates ranged from $300 to $3,633. In 2015, the range of awards is expected to be similar.

Free access to Wildfire Advisors – For participants in the program, advisors will be available by phone at 303-441-1420 from 8 a.m.–6 p.m., Monday–Friday to answer questions and support on-site mitigation efforts. Advisors can assist with explaining the customer report and the rebate process.

A follow-up inspection that takes place after you complete your recommended mitigation measures – You must finish the required actions listed in your assessment report to receive a Wildfire Partners certificate. The follow-up inspection verifies that you have completed all measures successfully.

A Wildfire Partners Certificate and letter stating that you have mitigated your home – You may provide this certificate and accompanying letter to your insurance company. Allstate recognizes this certificate as proof of proper mitigation. State Farm recognizes this certificate for renewal business. Other insurance companies are currently evaluating the program to determine if they will also recognize this certificate.

Increased peace of mind – By completing all recommended mitigation measures correctly, you will feel good about yourself knowing you have acted responsibly to help protect your family and the first responders who put their lives on the line for your community. At the same time, you will learn about fire behavior and understand that becoming a Wildfire Partner does not guarantee your home will survive a wildfire.

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