Interested in wildfire mitigation? Wildfire Partners is here to help

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Wildfire Partners applications are now being accepted for 2016. See the Wildfire Partners Application FAQ for more information.

Are you a Boulder County homeowner already working to reduce your home’s vulnerability to wildfire, or is it something that you have been meaning to do? Do you require assistance in identifying the weak links in your home’s defenses or rebates to help you pay for defensible space mitigation work? Or you don’t know where to start? Wildfire Partners is here to help!

Wildfire Partners provide a comprehensive, on-site assessment of your home ignition zone; a customized report detailing actions you should take; and a follow-up visit to ensure that you are fully prepared for future wildfires. By becoming a Wildfire Partner, you will improve the safety of you and your family, serve as a positive example for your neighbors, and make your community more resilient.

This pilot program is funded by a Wildfire Risk Reduction Grant from the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, Boulder County and numerous Partners. If you have questions, please call 303-446-7877 or email

Boulder County homeowner wildfire mitigation work showcased during the Wildfire Partners Tour of Homes

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